Botvise is primarily used to support business internally with IT workplace, Office 365, HR, and publicly for general Question/Answering and surveying. 

For Office 365 content is already available so you can get started immediately whilst being able to add your own content on top of that. 

Also, we integrate with Guidiance so when something takes a bit more than a few sentences the chatbot can start relevant elearnings from the context of Teams, SharePoint, or the web portal of Guidiance.


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IT Workplace

Extend your IT support desk with Botvise so you can help everybody all the time. Forward questions to your support and create tickets to your favorite ticketing engine.

Office 365

Help everybody in adopting Office 365 with our predefined content. Define user personas of everybody and explain relevant scenarios and product information 24/7!


People have questions like “How do I ask for vacation?” and HR wants to analyze employee satisfaction. Automate and visualize the most popular questions and user choices. 


Botvise is so easy to handle you can also publish your bot to your internet site! Get questions answered and ask for user feedback so you know what is going on!

You would like to get supported in training your bot? Sure!

With the tested Botvise train formula we can make your bot mature in a set of logical steps. This way we make sure your bot improves as quick as possible. On top of that, if you don’t want to make conversations our conversation designers can help!

We deliver chat agents so always a real human is available for your audience!

When the bot does not know the answer (yet!), your bot can forward the conversation to a chat agent. We can deliver chat agents for your need and for Office 365 support we already have them available!

Botvise Platform

The Botvise chatbot management platform makes it easy to just get started with your own chatbot for several use cases. We have a distinctive offering and are based on top of the Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS, the AI Language Understanding Intelligence Service.


Despite being able to run out of the box, it is possible to get our consult. We deliver conversation designers for help with designing and training your bot. Also, we work together with many partner organizations.

Chat agents

It is possible to forward requests to chat agents that are available from our portal. Also, we can deliver Office 365 chat agents so always someone is available for help.