About us

We felt there was a need to make more impact at scale. People have questions all the time and not being able to find answers can be frustrating. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give everybody a personal coach or assistant that answers all questions so something else is needed. 

We want to be ready and available for everybody. For this reason Botvise is invented.

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It is important to keep learning just like the "growth mindset" explains. This is brought back in our culture and in our solution. It should not be about being afraid to make mistakes, it should be about how are you going to learn from it and improve. This is not only applied in our culture but also in our solutions.


As confirmed by others, we also think we have the best chatbot solution. However, it is not about building chatbots, it is about building a great solution that makes knowledge better available for everybody, while continuously learning as an organization.


We think it is important to have respect for everybody around you. We like to be serious about helping our customers but we also think it is important to have fun for as much as possible. Life is too short you know!