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Our mission

We know it is hard to be ready and available for everybody. We only have 2 hands. That’s where Botvise kicks in: The service to help personally, at scale. With Botvise you can help everybody at the same time while becoming smarter as an organization.

Efficient support

Being helped by a chatbot, support can now add more value by focusing on problems that demand human touch

Happy users

Our chatbots not only give quick answers, they also really guide you in the need you have, based on your persona

Useful insights

Thanks to our dashboard you can precisely see most popular questions asked, most popular conversations, user personas and more

Supporting your organization

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The core of Botvise

Answer and ask questions

People want answers to their questions. Botvise helps with that. However, often the answer 'depends'! So, Botvise is able to ask some questions back in order to get the best help. 

Analyze personas and advise

Botvise can weigh the answers that users give so that after a while Botvise can define your persona. Each user that gets interviewed by Botvise gets to know his/her persona along with an advice that just matches. Also, the organization gets many great insights and expensive workforce analysis is not needed!

Learn and improve

Botvise can learn thanks to the Microsoft Bot Framework and the use of Language Understanding (LUIS). Also, when an answer is not found Botvise can find other expertise or connect to a live chat agent if present. With this unique set of learning capabilities Botvise will become a powerful knowledge engine!

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  • Define how your bot behaves
  • See what is going well and what can be improved
  • See analysis about your users
  • See statistics on usage
  • Improve your bot

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